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Welcome to the Natural Gas Engineering Department of the University of Miskolc, Hungary. The Department is the only academic institution in Hungary responsible for education and training in natural gas engineering. Our education and research activities cover the whole range of the natural gas supply, from transmission via storage to distribution including the gas market and gas utilization. Further courses offered by the Department include hybrid natural gas and renewable systems, geothermal energy, the production and utilisation of biomass, biogas, and solar energy. The research work of the Department, i.e. fluid engineering and transport processes in the CH industry, is one of the pillars of our professional activities. Dear Guest!Visit our homepage to discover more and do not hesitate to contact us!


University of Miskolc Natural Gas Engineering Department 
H-3515 Miskolc - Egyetemvaros
Telephone: +36 46 565 078 

The location of the Natural Gas Engineering Department: in the first floor of A/2 building (Galéria Entrance).